Friday, August 18, 2006

Business Report

Babylicious has been kind of business-like for almost a month now. Kind of. And it is going really well.

I've got labels and tags, shelves and stock, even stockists. It is supremely fun, and as long as I can keep it at this level (ie. just me running it from home), I'll be as happy as larry.

I haven't got any aspirations to boot Pumpkin Patch and JK off their perches. I got a catalogue in the mail from JK today, and I just think I'll never be able to cater to the people that want their wee girls in capri pants with a shirt with pink seahorses on it.

I do have some ideas that are going to appeal more to adults though. Particularly male adults. I'm not sure what to call it though, babylicious seems a bit seedy when big people are involved. Maybe Wanda Harland the Brand will finally be born.


Jo Hubris said...

Pumpkin Patch donates money to the Maxim Institute, and the Maxim Institute are Right Wing Evil on a Stick. Babylicious all the way.

Martha said...

Ah, well there you go. Today babylicious gave money to the Cancer Society and Samaritans (although I have ill feeling towards Samaritans, but I'm sure they do good).

Babylicious declined the WSCA (or whatever guy) today, and he made some bitchy comment.

This is why the nice Samaritans lady who didn't say anything got my ping.

Frontier Editor said...

Make an Alan Deere. Colin Gray or Evan Mackie t-shirt and you might have a customer ;^D>

Make Tea Not War said...

I don't get much say in what my wee girl wears these days. It's pink or nothing. And not just any pink either. She hates the pink t-shirt in the JK catalog with the BLUE (Blue is yukky Mummy, I don't like blue repeated times a million)sea horse on it. She's not that enthused about the capris either. "I want some pink SKIRTS, Mummy. And some flowers in my hair." It's rather amusing though also weird. She's not getting the extreme girliness from me.

She does like her sausage dog shirt though.

Martha said...

Make the most of it I suppose, before you know it she'll want to shave off her hair and wear camo pants.

Martha said...

Oh, Fronty, I've no idea what you're talking about. I'll look into it.