Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I have this rockin' penpal these days. I heartily recommend it.

Look what I got!

Thanks so much Oy Vey. You da bomb. And I da gangsta (it seems).

I'm onto my second bag of Combos already.


Frontier Editor said...

Did you ever stop to think there's a reason why you're getting quantities of Combos mailed to you . . . . >B^D>

Martha said...

because I'm so slender and lovely that people are trying to bring me down?


Frontier Editor said...

Try checking the expiration date (snickering heartily as I type this) - you're the victim of a sinister worldwide hazmat disposal plot.

The next package? Cans of Sweet Sue canned whole chicken . . . . .

Martha said...

Hmm, curious, because with each Combo I seem to be getting stronGER AND STRONGER.

More Combos now!