Saturday, June 18, 2005

Before they dance

Norm will win, or I'll eat my hat.


David said...

I got quite hooked on the program during why recent foray back to NZ. It isn't something I'd chose to watch if I were on my own, I'll have you know just in case you think I have tendencies towards hairdressing or interior design. But my folk are avid viewers, and there was a nice innocent feel to it.

I was picking the bloke who isn't Norm to win. No idea who he is... I've long since lost track of NZ celebs.

So how about letting me know the result?

Pink Flamingo said...

Well you won't have to eat your delicious hat Martha!
I acutally didn't mind who won....they both did so well!

I thought Cany/Brendon's dance was AWESOME!

Mike said...

Liz has just informed me that Norm won ... a vote did come out of this house but it wasn't me - that's all I'm allowed to say.

No hat soufle for you then.

Did you have a dream, premonition, hostage or inside knowledge?

David said...

At least it wasn't Tim.

I know Martha likes him. I'm sort of neutral. But I have problems with the people of Invercargill. Like, Tim's mayoral election campaign must have been something along the lines of "I was the mayor of some West Auckland council, I was a complete failure, and West Aucklanders tossed me and all my people out on their arses... would you please vote for me". And they did. Is this some hillbilly South Island thing?

Like Mr T, I pity the fools.

Still, good on Norm. It takes a big man to even compete in something like this given his macho Kiwi-bloke rugby image.

Martha said...

It was a no brainer really - rugby player turned dancer or actor turned dancer - which is more appealing to the good folks of Aotearoa?

And I guess I liked the Tim thing because of the politics of it. I majored in politics and am very interested in the whole "cult of personality" thing. Perhaps dancing with the stars showed how susceptible a voting system is to not getting the best person for the job?

And Mike - best keep young Jacks hands away from the text voting eh? ;-)

Pink Flamingo said...

there currently working on a new series of this show for next year...heard it on the radio.

Remeber to watch the Dancing With The Stars Backstage special On Saturday....I think it's coming at 7.30pm - not too sure on the time. - This should be interesting.

Mike said...

"And Mike - best keep young Jacks hands away from the text voting eh? ;-)"

Ha ha ha ha - he would have been as bored by the whole thing as I was ... hope.