Saturday, June 18, 2005


So shall I tell you my Saturday?

Bit of a pissy day in Wellington. Apparent very early on that I wouldn't be bringing in the washing I hung out on Wednesday.

My parents came around first thing for a coffee and to see Malo crawl - bloody genius baby - he sort of started yesterday, and is fully into it today.

Then I primed the laundry/scullery area. We need a name for it, it used to be known as the annex, but now actually serves several purposes. I hate priming. It is the worst form of painting there is. To be honest, Glen finished up for me because it is so tedious and makes your shoulders hurt.

After lunch I painted the first coat. I was much less piker-ish about it, but Glen still finished the high corners.

Woolies followed. Lower Hutt has a fairly primo new supermache which is a tiny bit reminiscent of Moore Wilsons. But flasher - obviously, being the Hutt and all.

I had offered to cook some pakoras for a dinner party (that sounds a bit formal - dinner) we were going to. I swear I have lost my cooking mojo. I am normally a fairly competant cook, and I knew from word go I had a disaster on my hands. After a very soggy batch I managed to fry up something presentable - but I know that my mojo is AWOL somewhere.

Off to dinner, and very lovely it was too. I have managed to convince another friend that Petone is where it is at so now we have 3 lots of people within walking distance with whom we can drink. Did I say that? I mean talk.

At 7.30 we reeled down to the beach. The fireworks were stellar. As someone pointed out, they're all about sex really. They all look like sperms.

And home for a couple of quiets with friends and family and 4 yelling, overtired children.

All round a very excellent to above excellent day.

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I was going to go and see the fireworks, but then I was sure they were canceled and going to be on Sunday. It was raining and foggy when I was driving through the Hutt about about 5pm.