Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Sun bear

This is the female Malaysian Sun Bear at the zoo. And this is breaking news. You heard it here first. She is preggers! Don't tell though, she hasn't told the father yet.

And I do have pictures of her front, but they seemed less relevant in this situation.

AND - this is embarassing. Since I had my babies every time someone tells me they're pregnant I get little tears in the back of my eyeballs. They don't spill over, and to I try to be cool about it. I was most shocked today when I got these prickly tears in my eyes when the zookeeper told me the bear is up the duff. Which is why I'm writing this now. Otherwise I wouldn't care about a bear. I wouldn't care if they were here or there. I would not talk about its smell. I wouldn't say it lived too well.

Enough of the bad Dr Seuss.


Jessie said...

Oh how nice, a baby bear! Cub, I suppose.

Mr Reasonable said...

I'm not proud to admit it, and I am not into animal porn (honest) but family R were at the conception. I have posted the "paw-play" pictures...

WOW. Love the coffee cart. Fine piece of kit; how about "à la Cart"?

Martha said...

Great name, and I don't care what the anti-pun brigade says.

And those bears, maybe they're always at it?

Mike said...

Soppy sausage.
On ya.

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