Monday, June 13, 2005

Home again

Oh lord.

Well, we had quite a weekend. Finn had an ear infection last week, so we were a bit dubious about taking him on the plane to Nelson. He was much better by the end of the week though, and almost finished his course of antibiotics. Malo started being a bit peaky on Thursday, but babies recover pretty quickly so we thought he'd be all better after a couple of days.

You can see where this story is heading. We risked. Hopped on the plane on Friday morning with two snotty wee boys, and they just got worse and worse as the weekend progressed. My in-laws hadn't met Malo before, so a really charming first impression.

By Saturday Malo was quite feverish and had lots of nice diarrhoea. I took him to the after-hours doctor in the afternoon. The doctor asked about symptoms - you know, temperature, vomiting etc. I assured him there hadn't been any vomit. Anyone with kids will know that Murphy's Law is very cruel to parents. Malo about 2 seconds later did an exorcist style barf the length of the surgery. The doctor leapt from his seat and ran out the door. I thought this was a bit extreme for a man of medicine, but he came back with a nurse to clean it up shortly after.

The boys both showed slight improvement about 1 1/5 hours before we flew home.

We did have one great highlight. At the Nelson market there was a guy covered from head to toe in tats playing Sweet Child o Mine in Maori. Bit of G'n'f'n'r does wonders for the spirits.

And in case you're wondering, when my children are well I'll be able to stop writing about sick babies - until then they dominate my every move.

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Em said...

One day we'll all be well enough to have that play date... maybe October?

Hope the boys feel better soon.