Wednesday, June 29, 2005

It has arrived at last

And here is our swish new cart. It bloody rocks. I was prepared to be a bit disappointed (because I can admit it now - it was a very hasty, random trademe purchase). It is bloody AWESOME though. Goes like the bejesus. Well, it might if we could plug it in.

It has a very lovely new trailer with a winch - which is going to save us DOLLARS in skip fees. And we could get a very heavy yacht now too, to lug around on it. Perhaps when I get my sea-legs we'll do just that.

The grinder had snapped off its legs. To be honest I don't care at all. So relieved am I that a) I haven't sent a big deposit into cyberspace for nothing and b) the whole thing isn't a big bag of pus.

It is perched in our carport at the moment (having shunted our last new toy onto the street - poor car). I think we'll get rid of the carport - which is ugly anyway and blocks the sun into our bedroom.

Oh it is all so exciting.

The picture is of Megan (our doyenne of coffee), Finn, Glen and Malo.


Alan said...

That is one impressive piece of kit. When's it's first outing?

Martha said...

Cheers! I think we're going to practise on loved ones and friends for Finn's birthday in 2 weeks, and not really think about much else before then!

We haven't got any kind of venue sorted out anywhere. To me it seems like it will be nice on grass, in the sun, with good people around. But then, life should be like that really.

Mike said...

Um, I know I'm probably being very dumb - but what is it?

Martha said...

It is a wee cart, with a fridge and a till that you can take anywhere on a trailer and plug into a socket and sell coffees. It is the key to our fortune, or at least a good new addiction!

Mike said...

So this is your new business (leave me be, I've been ill and drunk).

And you want a name for the business.

As you go and sell coffee at ... um, where?

Martha said...

Yep, where is a very good question. The plan began with the thought of dripping caffeine into cold hungover parents at saaturday morning netball. we just haven't got round to sorting anything yet. although we now have a towbar.