Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Coffee coffee coffee

Our beautiful cart is stuck in Auckland. The removal comapny seems to keep forgetting to bring it down - doh, the wha??

But we've engaged a supplier. Good Hutt peeps like ourselves - Ripe Coffee in Moera. They're rather fab, and have a rather fab wee cafe (if in a somewhat unlikely locale). We kind of thought we'd go with them, or with the People's coffee place in Newtown. Glen went into Ripe for a chat though, and they were nice, and said our coffee machine is the best kind, and gave us some coffee and cups, and you know, well, we like that kind of attention. So Ripe it is.

I'm getting really excited now. I've been reading a book by the people that set up Coffee Republic in London, which I think is like Starbucks (I know, crappola). It is very interesting reading though, from the point of view of market research and all that. They've done some. We haven't. Nevermind.

Still not sure about the name. I know it is just a wee cart, but this could be the beginning of our empire. More likely just the beginning of a bad coffee addiction.


llew said...

You mean you need a name for it?

Martha said...

Aye, something cool and sexy please.

Jo Hubris said...

Do we get free coffee for life if we come up with the name?

Martha said...

of course.

Sarah said...

I went there (Ripe in Moera) the other day and very good coffee. So yay!

Mike said...

Hmm name - how about "Cool & Sexy"

My family ordered a pantry and it took 3 months to get fropm Auckland to ChCh! And he's a builder with inside contacts. *sheesh*