Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Who'd you do?

Britney or Christina?

Tana or Ma'a?

Curly or Gail's ex - whattisname? Martin

Abba or the White Stripes?

Margaret Thatcher or Nancy Reagan?

I quite love coming up with these conundrums, and was just lying in the bath thinking of a few when I got to Michael Jackson. I couldn't come up with anyone I considered to be sufficiently comparable. I was even thinking of dead people, but I really don't want to advocate necrophilia, and I really don't want to know that any of you do either.

So who?


Lisa said...

At dinner the other night my friend posed the question "Paul Gnome Holmes or John Horse McLeod".

And I never thought I'd see the day where Christina could be classed as the less trashy option.

Martha said...

Gnome vs Horse is very good. I'm not sure which way I'd go. Gnome? nah horse, errrrgh, no Gnome.

I still think I'd pick Britney, Christina is boney.

Jo Hubris said...

Christina would be a better shag, I reckon. I don't know who the others are, except for the white stripes.

My friend and I like to play "Marry, Fuck, Kill", with three names. I ended up having to do Don Brash because I figured it was more important to kill Winnie, and duh, of course I'd marry Helen.

Lisa said...

Don Brash has a tight little anus for a mouth. I reckon he'd be a good... STOP RIGHT THERE.


Martha said...

Yucky indeed!

So anyhow, who is worse than Michael Jackson?

And really - Don over Winnie?

noizy said...

Michael Jackson or Liz Taylor.

(Liz Taylor now, that is. Not the good-looking 50s version)

Martha said...

Good work James.

Or that fella that Liza Minelli married and pashed.

Spider said...

Michael Jackson and Gary glitter.
From shine to shame.. both the same.

....And its your fault...that I'm a bloggest..blogger....been blogged now... :-)

Martha said...

Ha! Good one Spider. You've been linked. I like your blog. Especially that great looking house, what a stunner ;-)

Jo Hubris said...

I was looking at it from the kill perspective, rather than the sex perspective. If someone killed Winston, that'd be the end of NZ First, and that is a good thing. If someone killed Don, another head would just spring up.

Mike said...

Ha ha ha ha - Spider has it!