Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Russell Brown hits the town

I know all you clever people read Public Address, but in case you hadn't noticed I thought I'd point out this. I love Russell Brown and if I didn't have a breastfed baby to put to bed would definitely go along myself.

"the Great New Zealand Argument book tomorrow, when I'm sure it's in the shops (and yes, there will be a way for offshore readers to get it) - but for now, the Book Council is running an event for us at the Film Archive, 84 Taranaki Street, Wellington, 6pm this Thursday night. I'll make a speech, there will be a screening of David Lange's Oxford Union speech, and Jim Traue, Gemma Gracewood and I will discuss ideas arising from the book.

It should be fun and we'd love to see you there. You can get yourself a ticket ($15, $12 unwaged) by contacting the Book Council by phone (04) 499 1569, fax (04) 499 1424 or email: Get in there."


llew said...

there's an extra http:// in there.

Jessie said...

Sounds interesting huh! I saw Russell at the Accelerants last weekend, and I wish I'd said hello. Not like me to miss an opportunity, either. Must have been drunk %)

Martha said...

Thanks Llew. I've repaired it now!

And Jessie, I know what you mean, but actually it is blimmin hard to say hello when you're a fan - drunk or no.

llew said...

This is your chance to say "Mr brian Easton! I recognise you from your photo in the Listenr!

Martha said...

Llew, admit it, you've done just that haven't you?