Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Simpsons and study

Brilliant. I've just been able to use an architecture term from the Simpsons in my assignment. I think it may be the favourite word of my diploma.

The word is curviliner, and Marge used it when discussing Gehry's buildings.

I got my Art History degree using the word biomorphic in every essay I wrote - even when things weren't ie. "Mondrian refused to use the biomorphic forms that were popular at the time". You can pretty much use it anywhere.

I can't remember what word I used for my politics degree. It'll come.

For my Communications papers it was stakeholder. They just loved it.


Alan said...

As soon as I saw it I had to immediately call my architect sister-in-law. Very amusing, especially the screwing up the paper and using that as the design.

Was it really his voice?

Martha said...

I meant to check the credits, but then had to put children to bed so missed it. It didn't sound like one of the regular actors, so could've been.

And I think I need to correct myself. I think it wasn't Marge who talked about curvilinear, I think it was the delinquent skateboarder with a hat.

Lisa said...

Jimbo Jones! You know, when I was at Uni studying some junk I managed to squeeze Simpsons quotes into two Religious Studies essays. One about scapegoating.. Always blame the guy who can't speak english... Ahh Tibor.. how many times have you saved my butt? and one about whether Christianity needs a church... something Homer says about being a good guy and not wanting to go and hear about how he's a bad guy. I got a red penned comment "GREAT QUOTE!". And I leaned back in my chair and tented my fingers diabolically.

Martha said...

I thought you were exclaiming, and then realised. yes, Jimbo Jones the genius.

I did religious studies too. Actually I tried to do religious studies and just couldn't. I scraped through with a C+ or something. All the subjects I took for easy credits I was very terrible at.

So I never got to tent my fingers diabolically. I envy you.

Lisa said...

Oh, don't let my finger tenting fool you. I scraped by at the best of times too. I found I could get an A with as much effort as it took to get a C in an essay, but I never pinpointed what was good about the A essays and what was bad about the C essays. It was all a gamble really.

Jo Hubris said...

In 1999, I accepted a challenge from my flatmates and managed to put True Bliss into all three of my exam essays. Also, the word "stakeholder" probably featured prominently too.

Martha said...

Lisa, I have since found out how to get A's. You just use the notes they give you (I vaguely remember some "readings"), and repeat back at them what they have said. Works a treat. Basically they 'know' they're right and only want it confirmed!

And Jo. What a coincidence - as we travelled around the South Island I heard Truebliss on 3 occasions. I kid you not, they never died down there. WEll done for managing the challenge.