Thursday, June 02, 2005

Wanda Shit in Car

"Wanda Shit in Car" was the latest bestest google search which ended up at Wanda Harland.

Some lucky punter in the States will be patting themselves on the back that they found me instead.

5 comments: said...

That's a good one! Funny thing is though, you are number 111 so they must have clicked through an awful lot.
I got "toolofsatan" as a search on mine last month, I was quite impressed with that one!

Curiously though, One search that landed on my blog was "Wanda Harland" !!


Martha said...

Crazy, I don't get how google works - when I clicked on it I was 3rd. Maybe they had some spacing or something?

Bet it was my mother that landed the Wanda Harland - that is how she gets to my blog.

And toolofsatan Ben? What have you been up to?

Mike said...

Any chance of getting the Wellingtonist in your fabulous list of links?

Pretty please?

Martha said...

Of course Mike. Links need updating anyway.

However, I think you'll find it is only Wellingtonist contributors who read my blog - given I've kept it a dark secret from everyone I know. said...

I had made a link to a site that had toolofsatan in the URL. The search request came in within 24 hours of me writing which seemed pretty quick for the search engines to have done there thing and then someone actually search.