Saturday, June 04, 2005

Got nuffin

I am studiously avoiding the lounge, as there is something on telly I don't want to be getting embroiled in.

"Glen, I've got nothing to write"
"Laurence Delalalalalio looks like he's broken his leg and will be out of the tour!"
"That's nice, maybe we'll win"
"Not really, we want him to play"
"Okay, I've got nothing to write"
"Delalalalalio has broken his leg!"

How long is this tour?


Pink Flamingo said...

Yesturday while I was updating my blog, dad walked in and said, "Come in the lounge and watch this rugby game, you have no idea what you missing!"
My response, "I'd rather watch paint dry!!" (literally)

Mr Reasonable said...

You'd better go get a big book as this will go for weeks. I am looking forward to the Wellington game as my Father in-law is over from Nelson and is coming with me. He had a heart bypass about 9 months ago and I hope the score doesn't finish him off. He is a big guy and I'm not sure I'd be able to drag him back to the car.

noizy said...

ahahaa! I blogged about Lawrence stuffing his ankle. Like Glen, I found this to be earth-shattering news.

My wife was browsing Trademe at the time, interrupting my rugby concetration with demands that I come and look at her latest cheap dress find.

Martha said...

I'm going to get interested soon I'm sure. For one thing Glen is going to the Wellington Lions game - and it cost $90. $90!!! So to get our moneys worth I'll at least be paying attention to one game.