Monday, June 06, 2005

Well I've got to keep going now

It would be wrong not to comment on Dancing with the Stars at this stage.

Can you believe Tim Shadbolt? He should go for some really well paid type election, because he can obviously win anything he sets his heart on. That said, it will be a pretty lame final if it is Tim vs Norm or Shane.

I reckon what the show is lacking is a street dance section. There was a dance show for pros (no, not that kind of pro) from Aussie on telly a while ago, and they had a sort of hip hop section. It was outstanding. Dancing types togged up in their version of hip hop gears - which as it turns out is jeans, braces and white singlets with a jaunty hat. Imagine Shane and Nerida, they could gel their hair, put their hands in their hoodie pockets and get down and dirty to some J Lo. Nice.

And big ups to Bernice. She is a very beautiful woman, and should have been paired up with someone cooler and taller. D'Artagnan, hello!

Okay. There goes my shallow post for the week. Okay, for the day.


Jo Hubris said...

I've only seen one episode of the show, and it was the one that Bernice was voted off, but I was like wtf? She was great, but her partner was a weedy little dweeb. I wish she was dancing with Tim Shadbolt's partner, that girl is bootylicious.

Martha said...

You've gotta feel sorry for Tim's partner - hardly an opportunity to show off her talent. She is a fox.

Jo Hubris said...

I think it's probably maybe better to be with soemone as terrible as Tim rather than someone mediocrely bad, because then at least they know that it's him and not her.