Thursday, December 07, 2006

Auckland ahoy

We're in Auckland. It is very lovely. I am very hungover. I was spoiled rotton by a very generous host, and enjoyed exceptional company. We ate scallops and drank lots of wine and a delicious ginger thing that cleverly disguised vodka as a refreshing health drink.

After a bit of a slow start today, and a fair whack of junk food, we found ourself some culture, and bought ourselves a longggggggg coveted Reuben Paterson print. It is so nice, and while we were at the gallery Reuben himself came in. I GUSHED. I love him. I was looking quite mental actually, respendent in pink jandals, Petone t shirt, no makeup whatsover (which is worse than it sounds when you're almost 34 and very hungover) and bright pink raincoat. I imagine Reuben may need some therapy after the Martha-onslaught.

And now I'm using someone else's bandwidth - naughty! We're right next to a police station too. I laugh in the face of the law.


David said...

You're stealing wireless too? I'm borrowing a Byron Bay cafe's bandwidth at this very moment. Just make sure it isn't the police network you're using... just in case they're logging everything.

guinness girl said...

Ha. YOu crack me up. I, too, am dealing with a bit of a hangover. Oy.

Anonymous said...

Yay for Reuben Patterson! Jealous. Much.