Thursday, December 21, 2006

Best car eva

The blog may look like crap on a stick, but the new Mini is magnificent.

Glen arrived home with it at 3am, and at 6.30am the boys and I were cruising around waiting for people to wake up for us to show it off to.

At 7.15 we spotted signs of life at my parent's house, so we took my father into work, then went to the bakery for some tasty new Mini breakfast treats.

Unfortunately the weather is shit (whodda guessed it? Wellington?), so we can't spend the day hooning with the sunroof open. I suspect we will anyway.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

You totally should. If you want to be a true Hutt girl, that is.

I was out earlier, rugged up well, and yet my exposed hands were still turning red due to the icy wind. But yon! What sight did I see before me? Hutt girl in short-sleeved mini-dress crossing the road. Not sure how she ended up with dark roots, because she was a true blonde if ever I saw one.

So ignore the weather and go forth and show off your assets.