Monday, December 04, 2006

Big big big big weekend

Hola peeps.

martha at the wellingtonista awards

That is a picture of me I shamelessly snaffled from Hadyn's photostream, even though it had a little copyright thingy under it. If someone is going to steal my soul, I'm damn well gonna steal it back.

The photo was taken at the inaugural Wellingtonista Fabuloso Awards For Fabulosity. It was very wonderful, and full of Wellington celebrity (cough) bloggers and website writers and suchlike. There was also an old scientist trying to give me the glad eye.

I'll add lots of links later. I'm weary, and have a bit to say, and a 2 year old, so no links now.

On Satdee we started the day with a birthday party next door. The best way to start the weekend is with party food, and basically that is how it continued over the next 2 days.

On Sunday I had a stall at the Thorndon Fair. It was lovely, and all my griping about having to do it was completely ridiculous. I had a great time, sold lots, bought crackers and dip for lunch, and then took off to another birthday party in the afternoon. I almost made myself sick with winegums and homemade icecream (aren't people classy?).

Last night I got an order ready for a new stockist, and also watched Top Chef, which I received from some friends in America. The next series is great.

And today I was up at sparrow's fart to race down to the big yellow store and pick up the Woman's Weekly. I actually raced down there last Monday too, and was disappointed not to find myself in it, but I'm such a eejit, because it was today, and I'll bet you're pleased I saved that fascinating story for y'all.

Woman's Weekly
Many thanks to Ms Samways for getting me there.


Jo Hubris said...

1. You're totally my new BFF for the fun and games we had at the awards.

2. My mum had a stall at Thorndon too.

Jo Hubris said...

Oh and

3. Women's Weekly! Awesome! You know who else is in the Women's Weekly? Like, Paris and ScarJo and LiLo and all them. And now Martha. Wahoo!

Martha said...

You know who else would like to be in the Woman's Weekly? Starts with N and ends with azi.

Thanks Jo, it was the best awards ceremony I've ever attended, and you did a stellar job of organising it.

What was your mum selling? I had a look around, but I have a morbid hatred of fair crowds, so I kind of scampered through.

Jo Hubris said...

Tell the truth Martha - how many awards ceremonies have you actually been to?

My mum's a potter, so she would have been selling pottery.

I am glad that the rest of the world will now also be making Nazi jokes.

Hadyn said...

Dear Mz Harland,
re: Breach of Copyright

You'll be hearing from my lawyers. And don't act that you're not, like, fully loaded Miss I'm-in-the-Woman's-Weekly.

You know who else breeched copyright? That's right!

We loved the speech by the way.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I don't get the Nazi jokes :(

So you are in the social pages now :) There's nothing more social than Woman's Weekly. And Haydn's photostream, obviously.

cathi said...

oops, that was me

Kate said...

Congrats X 3
They all look & sound awesome to me.

Kate said...

I think you should make shark tshirts! Great White Shark Tees! They can be protected.

Probably don't want to call them lemon fish tees.

Jo Hubris said...

You know who else didn't get jokes about the Nazis, Cathi?

Hadyn said...

Thank you Jo for makng me laugh out loud at work. And I have a very quiet workplace.

Jo Hubris said...

Stop wasting my valuable tax-payer dollars then Hadyn!

guinness girl said...

You're so cute! :) Sounds like a wonderful weekend, indeed!

llew said...

Ah! SO that's why half of Thorndon was closed off causing me & the Llewmobile to detour miles around other parts of the city.

Damn. I always seem to miss the Thorndon fair.