Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Crikey, yesterday was warm. Virtually unheard of in these parts this year.

We enjoyed a fabulous day in the Wairarapa. My turkey was pretty darned good, as long as you could forget what turkeys look like when they're alive. People wonder why anyone ever ate oysters, I'm more mystified by the fact we eat something that looks like a turkey.


Alan said...

Hmmm - it wasn't overly sunny here. I think you got the better of the weather.

Cathi said...

You were in the Wai too? We had a marvellous Christmas Day, playing petanque around the garden. Boxing Day wasn't bad either. Back here now in Wonderful Welly with its beautiful misty mountains. Home.

Martha said...

Just quietly, isn't Wellington just CRAP at the moment.

I shouldn't complain, it was sunny enough to sit outside on my new chairs for about 5 minutes this evening.