Monday, December 11, 2006

Blogger beta

Yay! I've finally been offered the option of shifting.

Boo! It won't allow me to, because my blog is too big apparently. How rude.


hers said...

Shifting to where?

Martha said...

To Blogger Beta. Apparently it would have changed my life - I could have categories, blimey.

SoSu said...

shift to vox girl
it's AWESOME!!!!!!
you can have tags, who needs categories when you can have TAGS!
it's like flickr but a blog

Anonymous said...

I just changed over. How do I know it was successful? Blogger is sending me an email every half hour to tell me so.

Though when I log in it tells me that Blogger cannot communicate with the "old version of blogger". Is this another case of youth not identifying with their elders?

Martha said...

Sue, I can't change my website address and lose all my loyal readers, I mean, both my loyal readers.

Hadyn, I'm being tortured by Blogger in a different way. Everywhere I look it is telling me to 'switch now!', and then I can't, and I'm like Mr Potatohead crying in the rain.

Violet said...

That happened to me too. I hate when I get invited to something, and after I decide to accept I get uninvited.