Saturday, December 23, 2006

Le phone, c'est magnifique.

The lovely Ms Hubris helped me buy a bargain cellphone yesterday. It has so many bells and whistles that I'm a little frightened of it. It also seems to be really keen to sell me soft-core porn. I don't actually understand what format it would be - a screensaver, or a little movie? And frankly, I'm kind of shocked. I trust they know I'm 22 years old, and I'm hoping they don't offer all this 'Tatiana strips' to every client they have.

I am looking forward to eventually being phone savvy enough to use it for receiving emails and making mini Fellini films.

In the meantime I'm trying to resist paying $5 to hear Cyndi Lauper sing Rock Around the Christmas Tree. Hard!


David said...

>I don't actually understand what format it would be

Presumably some special vibrate mode?

Joanna said...

That Miss Hubris sounds pretty fucking awesome. I bet she wet herself over the sexiness of your car too!

Martha said...

Hopefully not on the upholstery.

Alan said...

So c'mon! Whadyaget?

(He slurred. Mt Difficulty Pinot: I love this time of year!)

Martha said...

Oops, sorry Alan, slight lack of vital info. I ended up getting the Nokia 6234 for $250! Cool eh?

No idea what to do with it. Shall I send you a pxt?

Unfortunately I dropped the laptop the other day, and I can't load the CD that came with the phone, and this means I can't do any music loading or nothing.

hers said...

That's the coolest phone of the moment . I got one a couple of months ago and am very happy with it(when it cost a bit more than $250).

I bought that particular phone because of the camera. I managed to take some printworthy photos of one of my grandbubbies with it. Only don't tell her mother because I did print and frame them as a pressie.

Shame about the laptop. You can download the Nokia software from the site and install it. If it's more than the CD part of the laptop that's broken then that might be less than useful information.

Martha said...

Oh, thanks Hers. I'll download it now.

The laptop is working fine, and the cd drive opens and shuts, but the computer doesn't seem to know it exists anymore.