Thursday, December 21, 2006


Yuck, I hate the look of this blog. I'll get onto it soon.

I can't really write anything, because I'm utterly pre-occupied with wanting to go for a drive in the new car.

And all I can talk about is how lovely it is.

I took the car out to the shops tonight. The car couldn't come in (evil Westfield bastards), so I left it on the street.

People are funny, there was an absolute frenzy of people trying to buy as much loot as they could hold onto. I tells ya, having a workshop full of pressies is very good. Of course I can't say specifically what at this stage.

I am really enjoying getting the kids presents. It is the first Christmas they're really anticipating. And Malo is old enough that they can enjoy it together. Mind you, I could never generate enough enthusiasm in my sister to make her get out of bed at 3am with me when I was young.

After my shopping mission the car and I enjoyed a meander around the leafier suburbs of Hutt City. I think the car likes a little bit of nature.


Sarah said...

You got out in the car again today, didn't you? I saw you and the boys coming out of the lift in Farmers. I was about to say hello but was suddenly overcome with self-doubt and visions of you not recognising me and me trying to explain who I was while blocking the aisle of a busy shop.

Your not-a-mullet haircut looks very excellent by the way.

Martha said...

Ah yes, I was back at Queensgate - swapping a hasty purchase from Thursday.

Next time don't worry about aisle blockages. I would have remembered you!

And thanks for the hair comment, although I still want the internet world to imagine me as mullet-girl.

Martha said...

Woah, that is the first time I've left a comment on my own blog and not had to do word verification. It is very liberating.