Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mini me

I've solved the problem of what car to get. A Mini!

It is perfect, and very economical. Unfortunately I'd have to sell a kidney to buy one, and then the other kidney and my heart.

Exactly how much money would the tax man give me back if I got one for the business?

Back to the drawing board.


brena said...

We recently bought a Suzuki Swift Sport - They're only about $25k and methinks way better than mini - especially bang for bucks. Check it at http://www.suzuki.co.nz/auto/whatshot.html?featured=1

Blah blah tax man yeah good and you might as well...

SoSu said...

and then there is the fringe benfit taxes

Cathi said...

I don't think you have to pay fringe benefit if you pay the company back for your private use of the car

I think you should be able to get the GST back

BUT your business will have to carry the cost of the depreciation, not to mention keeping records of everything.

My dad did it once, his company bought his Peugeot 205, he said he reckoned it balanced out the same in the end, and he wouldn't bother again.

guinness girl said...

Sigh! My dream car!