Monday, December 18, 2006

i can see

I got my contact lenses today. I can't believe them, they're amazing. I walked around the mall (for that is whence they came), and was all moony and extreme makeoverish in my own mind's eyeball.

Strange thing though, when the optometrist was fitting them, she found that I have hairs growing on my eyeballs.

Ha! Got ya. Imagine that, ewwww.

So, I'm in love with my contact lenses, and it only took 14 hours to put them back in when I got home.


Anonymous said...

When I got my contacts it took so long to get them in and out it was insane but it's strange how used to touching your eyeball you eventually become.

Anonymous said...

I go most of my life trying to NOT poke myself in the eye.

ps. Thank you Martha for the correct usage of "whence". I hate it when people say "from whence"