Monday, August 15, 2005

America 1 World 0

America seems to be winning. It has finally created a real, walking, talking, living Barbie doll.
I mean, have you seen the "These Boots are Made for Walking" video?


Jo Hubris said...

I saw it at the cinema before Wedding Crashers and my friend and I almost DIED OF LAUGHTER TO DEATH when she started washing the car. Hello Gratuitiousness!

Plus oh god, that cover is so bad it makes me want to rip off my ears and eat them.

Kate said...

It's just too dirty.

Brena said...

Works for me although the REAL Daisy Duke did it better ;-)

Martha said...

There is something very - um - compelling about Jessica... I have to admit the Newlyweds tv series was very enjoyable.

Jessie said...

And what about the Willie Nelson thing?? WTF is he up to?! Isn't he about 84?