Friday, August 05, 2005

House of Ill Communication

Not much to say, and there won't be until the boys get over their:

Ear infections (both)
Chest infection (Malo)
Conjuctivitis - ugh (both)
Rash (Malo - but not meningitis -whew)

Not a happy house here in Petone. Now I'm going to rest. There is going to be a looooong night ahead.


Alan said...

Bloody hell! I know what that's like. But not all together like that though, just one at a time, which was bad enough...

Martha said...

I blame kindy. They were a bit porrly before that, but since Finn started it has been ALL ON. yuck. They're a bit better today anyway, I'm sure the sun is good for them. And there is no vomit. I rate that highly.

Pink Flamingo said...

Aww hope the are all feeling better today!

Must say the weather here has been lovely, wasn't expecting this much sunshine.

Kate said...

My God! that's one sick family. Hope they're feeling better and you're not too pooped.