Monday, August 29, 2005


The details:

Wellington South Kindergarten
103 Owen St
9 am - 1.30 pm

Now, the business of a name for the business. Any brilliant ideas get in quick, we'll be reviewing all the original ideas this evening.

We should be named and branded (okay dreaming) by tomorrow...


Mr Reasonable said...

Few more for the list:
Shi Tot Coffee
Chai or Die

Brena said...

Still I like...

Mmmmm Coffee!

And then later add...

Yum Cake!

So you evolve into...

Mmmmm Coffee, Yum Cake!

Really it's a good name - goes beyond the usual "oh that sounds styley" to telling prospective customers exactly what they'll get from you and what to expect in a quick simple format which is easy to read at a glance without having to decode it first. It's a business you have which may or may not be a piece of art in the making but it must make money to survive for any length of time. I really don't know if it's been used before but it's not hard to find out via companies office - even search internet white pages. Keep it simple, really it works...

Ms Vile File said...

How about...


Would be popular with the Jewish community.

CarolineM said...

Hot :-)

llew said...

Here's a link to the companies office (down at the moment though), you can check out all the limited liability company names in NZ. And who their directors are. And if they've been struck off.

ooh... nearly forgot the link...

Martha said...

Thanks Llew, I've been trying to get on there all morning myself...

Kate said...

My two cents..
Get a big piece of paper and write down all the words that relate to carts, coffee, roasting... whatever comes to mind, and just play around with them. Get as many words as you can and then start crossing out the ones that don't work. You should be left with some winners. Works well if you have 3 or 4 of you bouncing ideas (provide sugar treats!).

The Bean Counter
Super Slurp
ClubCoffee (for some reason 0900 rings in my head)
I (heart) coffee
I (heart) java

... I lost the plot about here.

Helps to decide if you want to be known for coffee primarily or beverages & food.

Also - are you focussing on certain locations or do you want your base location to be part of the name? Pet One Coffee? Incl Wellington? Or you could go the romantic location route like Havana Coffee & Fidels do the Cuban thing.

I agree simple is best - you just never know what you'd get out of a group discussion. (lol - like these bloody comments!)

Kate said...

A final thought... Screw the coffee and instead serve wine and cheesy foods with presidential names and call your business Martha’s Vineyard.

Have a dessert covered in cream like a pavalova or meringues and call it the White House.

Dress up like Jackie O etc. Pink suits, pill box hats and large sunnies.

I'd be there ;)

I'm not on drugs today - honest.