Friday, August 19, 2005

Rockstar INXS

It would be remiss of me not to point everyone in the direction of Rockstar INXS. What a programming triumph. It is well worth a watch, particularly when the only real alternative is Election thingmajigys. Boooooooooooring.

My picks:

The blond guy (Marty?) - he is good.
Ty - he is black and very good. Both Strong points in his favour.
Jordis - should win, but she is a girrrrrl, and it doesn't fit with the image.

Back to it...


4 Ports later (the booze kind, not some tricky computer jargon)

And lets speak frankly - I'm a bit pissed


INXS tonight.

Jordis was the best. Her voice nearly made me weep, and to be honest I usually am not into women rockers (unless they're called Kaye or Debbie or Janis or Madonna).

But I have to say (begrudgingly) that JD was the best tonight.


Jo Hubris said...

I did cry when Jordis sang, both in the thingie and then again in the encore.

I know who is going to win because the rumour has it that this person has already recorded the album with INXS and wasn't at any of the auditions.

I hate JD. Damn I love this show.

Martha said...

What does that mean? Is it one of the people who are contesting or someone else?

Yeah, JD sucks.

Jo Hubris said...

It's one of the people contesting it. Oooh intrigue...

Martha said...

Aaarghh - I can't do intrigue. Who is it? How do you know? Make or female?

Jo Hubris said...

I know because I KNOW EVERYTHING.

Or I read it somewhere. I'm not going to tell you, because I don't know for sure that it's true - but if you listen to the title credits, I'm pretty sure that's him singing.

(of course it's not going to be a her)

Martha said...

well I'll listening very carefully next time.