Saturday, August 27, 2005

Okay, here is something better

Yay - I've found somewhere better to spend my money on music. Amplifier seems to have lots of great stuff.

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On the topic of music. I loved the site a few years ago. I first found it in 1999 and it was a wonderful site. This was a place where artists could put their music up. So this site did not contain things that were available in the stores. It was independent artists. Now a lot of people think "Independent artists must be crap and only big labels can produce music". This is something the industry would like people to believe. This concept tends to hold true for movies, just think how much money is required to make a decent movie. But Music is not like that. The most significant factor is the artists themsevlves. Now a 5 piece band dones not require a label in order to play well, they only need it for promotion so that people actually find them. Production costs: It really isn't that expensive to record the forementioned band in a studio. Especially since the price of technology required to do a decent job has come down.

That last paragraph has little structure and seemed to wander around a bit. So back to the point, allowed people to download music that artists had put up for free. It also provided a means of buying music on CDs too. An artist could put some of there songs up for free, but you needed to pay if you wanted the whole album. It was great, I found many excellent artists on there. But such a thing was not to last, it became hijacked by the big names, they started trying to use it as a platform for advertisting their own stuff. This would not have been so bad if they actually supported the concept themselves. Inmm stead you got big names on there with an mp3 of one of their tracks. If you liked it you couldn't buy it from there, but instead from a music store. The CDs had this new "copy controlled" crap on it which was designed to stop you from creating an mp3 of the music. So why promot on an mp3 format but once you buy it you can't actually use that format!
Then they caved in completely and now only sells encrypted DRM wma crap files. They dismantelled the site completely, it is purely a music store now trading on the old name of
I have never found another site that was as good as

Martha said...

You might like the Amplifier website - you do have to pay, but there is lots of great NZ stuff there. Check out the Bats!