Tuesday, August 09, 2005


A couple of months ago in the Dom Post there was a Dilbert cartoon that made me laugh. I can't find the picture anywhere, but here is the text:

First window:
"You have a bad case of computer rot" (Dogbert's Technical Support)
"Your computer is designed to become slower and more unreliable over time so you have to upgrade"
And the third:
"But if you would like some false hope, I can tell you how to defragment your disk drive"

Relevant today, because somehow I have managed with updating and spyware removing and defragging and antivirusing - to make my computer work again.

Happy day. Now Cuisine isn't freezing on me anymore, and I can click on links to stuff.


Alan said...

Professional advice: if you've had a bout of spyware on your machine, consider changing your internet banking passwords... just in case.

Martha said...

Shall do so pronto - although I'm not sure they'd find much in our bank account.

I had 400 spyware thingys removed, so I think it is safe to say they could know everything about me.

ben.run said...

This may motivate me to actually get around to my ben.tech site. Where I can pass on gems of wisdom such as how to never have this happen to you again! :-)


Martha said...

That would be a fantastic idea. The only problem with computer stuff is it all takes time, and that is where I'm a bit lacking. Once I set my mind to it I can usually nut out most problems!