Sunday, August 21, 2005

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands

On Saturday I finally got over obsessing about laptops and bought one. It is a Compaq, and bought because

  • It is goodlooking
  • It met my minimal spec requirements
  • It was reasonably priced
  • It has iTunes (so I didn't completely give up the Apple dream)
  • It isn't missing anything I wanted (which is kind of what all the above criteria says I guess)
Moments after we got the machine home, our new neighbours who I'd vaguely invited around for a drink showed up. They are a very nice couple who bought the house next door a year ago, but only just moved in.

We all got a bit too much enjoying ourselves with the beers, and then the wines. In fact they didn't end up going home until 10.30pm after a meal. Turns out we had quite a bit in common.

More bullet points (I'm in a pointed bullet point kind of frame of mind)
  • She is a chemist (PhD) like my husband.
  • He is a geologist and caver (like my husband)
  • She and I went to the same primary school at the same time. This was very weird because it was Christchurch Steiner School, and you don't meet many people from there.
We all had a lovely time, but now I am tired and ready for my bed.

I have to get another setup disk from Woosh to make hook my laptop up, so I'm still crouched on the floor.


David said...

Hooray... Saved from hippydom!!!

But I had a Compaq once, and it was shit.

Martha said...

Don't say it!

I think they're all shit really - apart from the Apple. Isn't it crazy that in this day and age you buy something you only really expect to last 3 years at the outside? Glen was saying when his parents bought their first telly it was regarded as something the kids would inherit - and they still might.

Apart from the Sony Vaios the Compaq was the best looking, and that counts for 9/10 of performance in my book.