Wednesday, August 10, 2005

My 15 minutes are here

Well, I almost peed my pants when the August 05 copy of the HVBM (Hutt Valley Business Monthly) arrived in the letterbox this morning.
I'm eager to seize my 15 minutes, so am in negotiations with Spielberg, Oprah, Murdoch. The usual.


Kate said...

Lol. Go on, you were thinking "Take the godamn photo now or I'll stop smiling and take that camera......" right?

Martha said...

You can tell? Yeah, clenched teeth are the usual giveaway. Actually initially he was just taking it of the kids, and I was a lot happier with that scenario. For one thing I was dressed like a lumberjack. It was cold I tell ya.

CarolineM said...

Brilliant! (You look a lot less dappled than usual).

David said...

Now that you're a huge celebrity...'ll have to start taking massive amounts of drugs, be arrested, and get your name supressed. Then we can all speculate about the identity of the "early 30s Petone woman and well known local coffee barrow owner".

Martha said...

Cheers Caroline. The new cleanser must be doing the trick.

Yeah, the boys and I have started on the drugs, so really we're just waiting for someone to tip off the local constabulary.

I was thinking "ageless doyenne of Upper Wellington and well known Madonna impersonator".

Mike said...

5 minutes ... the much mis-used quote was '5 minutes of fame'.