Thursday, August 25, 2005

Winter blues

Here I am on my new laptop. Can you tell? It took a few days to get connected, because of course I had chucked out the Woosh info. It is a delight to be sitting here on the bed blogging away. Lovely laptop. Lovely technology.

Glen and I have just been discussing fleeing the country for the weekend. I think it is safe to say that he is thoroughly fed up with work, and I fancy being somewhere WARM for a while. There is an art fair in Sydney this weekend, but really, it is a bit too radical to just up and go... and besides, if we leave it a couple of months we'll have time to get excited about it.

We've still got masses of airpoints from when we were young and travelled constantly, so the travel itself will be free. Isn't that nice?

Perhaps we'll go to Rarotonga. I've never been to a pacific island. Glen spent his formative years in the Tokelaus, and is gagging to go back for a holiday. There is no way in this universe I am spending 3 days on the boat however.


CarolineM said...

Go to Raro! Although, unlike me, you might want to avoid the cyclone season....

There's some pics of it somewhere on one of my header banners, it's really beautiful and very laid back. You need to try and be near Muri Lagoon, especially if you are taking the littlies. Airfare was $$ though... :-(

Martha said...

Thankyou! I shall take your reommendation and start doing some research.

Jo Hubris said...

Raro is truely lovely, but you don't have to be at Muri Beach, because there's good snorkelling pretty much all over the island, and it's so easy to get around the island anyway with the big ring road and the buses.

Oh, and bars in town have very cheap drinks, but prices of everything else are pretty much the same as in NZ or slightly more expensive. said...

Just make sure you keep the laptop nice and safe from nasties. Use a firewall, and keep up todate with all the hotfixes. You can probably just use Windows auto update if you don't mind having registered windows with Microsoft.

ZoneAlarm is a good firewall. If you don't want that you can use the built in Windows XP SP2 one, which is a poor firewall but better than not having one at all.


Martha said...

Thanks Ben, I'll look into ZoneAlarm now. I am very keen to keep this toy running sweetly.