Saturday, July 14, 2007

Blue Light Rage Saturday

Get your pash on with these corkers from the 80s.

The first is the Thompson Twins. I won this tape (yes, a tape, I am in fact quite old) at a Blue Light, and it has remained dear to my heart since.

And the next is a little Nik Kershaw, because my word, he was a dreamy little number


emily said...

OMG, I totally LOVED Nik Kershaw, in fact I went to see him live at the Wellington Town Hall in 1986. I have to say he was very short in person.

Cathi said...

'Little' Nik Kershaw is exactly right - isn't he the one who was only 5foot tall, and two of that was his hair?

nzm said...

I saw Thompson Twins at Western Springs and Nik Kershaw at the Logan Campbell Centre. Both concerts were attended with my brother because out of our unit of friends, we were the only ones who liked them. Sad.

I downloaded a couple of Nik Kershaw songs off Limewire just the other day, as well as some Howard Jones - quite nostalgic, really.