Tuesday, July 31, 2007


In the midst of mayhem. Time for bullet points (peow peow)

  • Big order, lots of undies
  • Business plan due today (and complete - v. happy and pleased with it)
  • Mother in law staying
  • Craft2.0 planning - posters start going up this week
  • Running out the door this very instant (after essential business of blogging the minutiae of my existence)


David said...

Are you allowed to ask the mother in law to help with the underpanties?

spentrails said...

Oooh we're feeling the luurve.

Anonymous said...

it's interesting - as one who has just bustled the mother in law back home after a three week stay (and yes you know who she is Martha) I'd have to say that there are people out there who would disagree that bullet point three constitutes "choice".

I couldn't possibly comment however.....