Monday, July 02, 2007

Talk about old

I've just checked my real age. Apparently it is no longer enough to go by your birthday, now you need to go by your lifestyle. On a positive note this means my birthday is 3 months sooner than I thought, since my real age turns out to be quite a lot closer (gasp) to 35 (gag) than I thought (choke).

If you were to wonder why, you might care to observe my 20s, which were full of happiness and indulgence. Indulgence shortens your life, well, that isn't strictly true if your indulgence happens to be green leafy veges and moderate aerobic exercise, but I can assure you that my indulgences were the real deal.

My goal for the rest of the year is to actually get to my true age.


Update: Ooooh, apparently if I take more vitamins I can bring my real age down. That is the kind of simple solution I like.


Urban Chick said...

well, i was a full 18 months older than i actually am

thoroughly depressing but entirely deserved/unsurprising

Martha Craig said...

oh dear. Next time I'm going to lie. Damned if I'm willing to be older, you should do the same.

rosie said...

Well I am going to gloat, my chronological age is 25 but my REAL age is 20.5, ha! I am very proud of myself, I will try to keep it at this for the next 30 years.

Martha Craig said...


I'm working on mine. More veges, vitamins and walks and I should be sweet as.

Well done though eh. Shouldn't you have more vices?

rosie said...

I take quite a few vitamins... walk a fair bit, um, don't smoke, I drink but not that much..

Basically I am a nerdy student with no life,

oh and I eat lots of nuts and have low blood pressure. Maybe because I am young to begin with it is easier for me to get a good score. Like being over 30 increased risk of 'x' by 'y' or something..