Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New Zild

The fabulous Ms Oy Vey is coming to our fair country in January.

Natch, I want to show her the best time possible (fingers crossed January is pretty weather-wise). What do you think are the must see things here?

I'm anticipating a day in the Wairarapa checking out its finest vinted product, and a trip down the South Island. Anyfink else?

And any hot tips for guide books welcome too, so that she can start getting all excited.


unPC lesbian said...

Take her to Tokaanu and the hot pools, bliss....but only after you've doen the walk round lake Rotoponaumu. It's a little lake on top of a hill.

Sue said...

in welltong brunch must be consumed at the chocolate fish, fidels

a night out with the wellingtonista

a night in with your damson plum gin

Oy Vey said...

chocolate fish? wellingtonista? plum gin?