Monday, July 09, 2007

Dog blog

I find this quite hilarious - bandanna courtesy of my sister in Japan (where all the best dog accessories are found).
Florence in her new outfit


llew said...

I see you have the fatboy dog bed!

She's grown a lot? Or is it the closeup?

Martha Craig said...

She has grown, but has quite a lot of growing left to do.

And yes indeed, I do have the Fatboy dogbed, in fact I sell them.

llew said...

Cool - how much are they?

llew said...

No need to answer - Im n yr internets.

Mrs Smith said...

Bandannas on dogs are wrong wrong wrong! What's next? Canine crocs?

Martha Craig said...

I know! What kind of cowdog do they think they are?

For some reason I find this hilarious rather than offensive because of its Japaneseness. I'll do anything for a bit of Japaneseness. I like all the blinging dog tags too.