Monday, July 30, 2007

Le weekend, c'est fini

I tells ya, everyone should do school cert French. It annihilates any chance of comfortably hazarding French spelling, because you know you only have a 64% chance of getting it right.

One great weekend over and done with. We had a christening yesterday (my first!), and the entire congregation/audience/spectators (desperately searching in my head for churchy words) were made god parents. Sue quite rightly asked what religious education I could offer, but I pointed out that I am in charge of spiritual guidance, so when the time comes I'll be able to teach little Jacob everything he needs to know about vodka.

The after match function was a sea of champagne, excellent company, fabulous pate, crayfish, ham, sweets... it was a veritable cornucopia of life as I believe it should be lived. In addition to all this bodily indulgence was perhaps the most lovely speech I have ever heard about the joy of being a parent.

In fact, I had a somewhat spiritual awakening, and am going to endeavour to spend a lot more time and money on good wine and food.



stephen said...

I just picked up a 2004 Kemblefield Zinfandel for only $18. Does that count as encouragement? ;)

Martha Craig said...

Absolutely - where?

I got a few bottles of Solstone Pinot 2004 for $15 today - hoping it is as good as I remember.