Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's the shinning boy

What a day! Splendiferous. Excellmunto. Muntedscrabulous.

The sun is out, the sky is blue, there's not a cloud to spoil the view, but it's raining, raining in my heart.

I'm just being dramatic. My heart is actually sunny too. I went to the Kirks sale this morning, armed with $200 of vouchers, and left empty handed, like every Kirks sale that has gone before. Sometimes I'm not the shopper I would like to be, I seem to find it easier to buy things when they're full priced. I did try on a quite lovely Tissot watch, but frankly couldn't tell if I liked it for itself, or because it was reduced by $300. Same goes for Le Creuset casserole dishes, every year I look, and every year I think they'll be on sale next time, and I think about it.

After my failed shopping attempt I treated Malo to a bagel and fluffy at Wholly Bagels. This has become a bit of a bad habit for us. Theoretically I have a coffee and he has a bagel, in actual fact I always end up with half the bagel, and we call it lunch. Kind of a stodgy lunch.

And that is all.



maggie said...

coming out from lurker land to say you should have bought a le creuset. i love mine more than life itself. orange is the only acceptable colour.

rosie said...

THat is why I can no longer live in wellington, wholly bagels, I love them so much, oh how I wish they didn't give me a giant tummy bagel, like a doughy lifesaver around my midsection. It doesn't help that I like them with JUST the sundried tomato cream cheese, mmmm

Martha Craig said...

Me too, sundried tomato cream cheese on a sesame bagel. Mmm.

Martha Craig said...

oh and Maggie, welcome!

Yes, orange is the way to go, and i feel a return trip on the cards...

miss_seph said...

Ohhhh I heart Wholly Bagel. Used to love working on that street (is it Willis street?) whenever I could. Alas, moving accounts means I have very little reason to visit the windy city anymore.

Courier me one? :)