Thursday, July 26, 2007

Teen Queen I'd like to be (or do)

Time for a poll, since L Lo is in the news for something naughty, or something. It is almost so boring I can't be bothered looking it up.

For the record I think Linds is a hottie. I also think Paris is hot, after a friend said she looks like Aphrodite, and she really does.

To span the generations I'll try and make this relevant to everyone. And they won't all be teens, but you can guarantee they were at some stage.

Teen Queen you wanna be (or do)
Hot Lips Houlihan (that is for you oldies)
Judy Garland (for the even older)
Donna from 90210
Kelly from 90210
Nicole Ritchie
Margene from Big Love
Avril (I know, but maybe someone will click her)
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aka Special K said...

My goodness, I'm the first to vote. How groundbreaking... I've always idolised Bjork. She's barking mad, but rather ace. I remember the first time I saw her in a sugarcubes video making barbie and ken have sex while singing with that incredible siren voice she has. Genius.

rosie said...

Well I voted lyndsay. I too think she is hot, i don't want the drug addictions but I kinda like her style and my main reason is that I actually think she is a good actor - like has talent as compared to Paris and Nicole (I was teetering on the edge of nicole..)

BTW i do not think paris is hot. She would be hot if she had her natural hair and eye colour! Coloured contacts are the worst invention ever. I saw a photo of paris pre-fame and she had lovely brown hair and rich dark brown eyes and she looked beautiful.

sorry that was a long one

rosie said...

i found a pic of the old cute paris but its a bit shitty:*zWLU3IJ!M0k9bfCazOpXwqReGfn710KlAhqOxm0qQyhFJNmV23Xi4kC5d0eOVGk!vZ4ten0UIkpnFTFb3Sd!R7zme3tfsA*8vBZyYfWy0s/paris%20teen.bmp?dc=4675564830505350733

sorry I don't know how to link in comments, its a copy paste number

Martha Craig said...

Rosie, OMG! She was gorgeous, I had no idea. Even more like Aphrodite as a brunette.

llew said...

Can I have Rachel McAdams please?

Martha Craig said...

Nope, I specifically put Hot Lips there for you.

llew said...

Had her already.

David Slack said...

LOL @ Llew. Was that before or after Angie Dickinson?

Whenever she appears on Singstar I want to throttle Avril. Does that count? Put Scarlett in there and I'll vote.

llew said...

Same time! I was immune to the appeal of the TV Hotlips actually, but I liked Sally Kellerman in the movie :)

Anonymous said...

Teachincally, Apris looks like a fifth of Aphrodite. Arphodrite minus, you know, a body.