Monday, July 16, 2007

Boo hoo

I'm such a sook. Finn started school today, and last night I was bawling about it. God knows why, some kind of mothering hormone type thing which I thought I'd skipped.

I do find it quite shocking that I've been at home with kids now for 5 years. It definitely doesn't feel like that long. I suppose I've kept pretty busy, for the first couple of years I worked a bit for Te Papa, then I got really into this crazy weblog thing, then I bought a coffee cart, then I sold it (but not before I got a good taste for caffeine), then I started a business... and what next? The million dollar question. I do still have another child to raise, and the business to grow, so I'm not exactly a lady of leisure yet.

I'm thinking perhaps what is needed is a dolphin circus. Or a P addiction. Or more gin, yes, we'll start with more gin.


nzm said...

Let's start at the very be-gin-ning.
A very good place to start
When you read you begin with G-I-N...

Ah - Sorry!

My Melburnian friend has great big gin glasses - we can finish a bottle with a couple of drinks each night.

I'd be in for a dolphin circus too.

llew said...

Yopu could join a political party!

llew said...

Well you could, I don't actually know any Yopu.

Cathi said...

How about a flea circus? Less of a capital investment, but maybe fewer bums on seats too now that I think about it.