Saturday, July 21, 2007

I can still PARTY with the best of them

Man, I am hungover. It follows a simply splendid night out with the glorious folks from the Wellingtonista. Jo has pictorial evidence of our exploits here. We started the night at Vintage, had loads of wine and some nibbles, then moved on to the Hawthorn Lounge, which was ace, and reminded me of upstairs at Il Casino. Stephen, Jo and I did a very convincing impression of total lushes, with all manner of pretty drinks. After that we moved on to Boulot, and had some more grog, and now I am poorly.

I am, however, a Mum on Top, a totally top site for milfs ;-)


Cathi said...

March 2007?

Martha Craig said...

I think that is because I'm 2 years younger than I was, so 2 years of blogging have been condensed into 4 months.

stephen said...

Awwww.... oor you. Should blog some of my awesome hangover cures :)

But dear god, that picture of me at Hawthorn has GOT TO DIE!

Martha Craig said...

Yes, not our finest moment. I look exactly like Kath Day-Knight getting ready for a snog. You look kind of Shakespearean.