Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Playing to win

Time to up the ante on this blog of mine, whatever that means.

If you have linked to me, and I haven't linked to you, please tell me. Mainly I'm slack, and don't pay my blogroll enough attention.

What else? I've done something with Feedburner. I've no idea what. Tell me if something looks a bit wonky. Does anyone really understand computers?

That is all. Over and out.

(This post in itself is an experiment to see what my settings are doing...)


brenda said...

not sure what you've done with feedburner, but in my RSS reader now I only get the title of your post.
maybe this is a choice, but i personally prefer at least some context in the actual RSS text before i click through :)

Martha Craig said...

Thanks Brenda, frankly I'm pleased you're getting anything, as somehow I seem to be completely invisible to myself in bloglines. Will set about remedying things...