Wednesday, July 11, 2007

When good holidays go bad

I know, it is boring, but WHAT THE HELL IS WITH THIS WEATHER.

There are only so many trips one can take to Te Papa.


llew said...


Sorry, I just keep thinking of my friends & neighbours who late last week, embarked on a week long holiday to the winterless north.

Mrs Smith said...

Naughty, Llew.
It's horrible! I hate it! I got so cold yesterday while out walking, I had a session on the sunbed just to get warm. Brrrrrrr.

unPC lesbian said...

Just be glad you're not trapped indoors with 4...that's right...4 teenagers. I think they're all practising for the hair straightening olympics.

spentrails said...

You too? But isn't it supposed to be cold where you are?

The whole world is going mad.

Martha Craig said...

I suppose it is winter, but it isn't usually quite this pissy.