Friday, July 27, 2007

Hot dates

Malo and I continue our series of hot dates around town. Today we went to *cough* the mall *cough*, and the kid had a scone with jam and cream.

I feel I'm doing a bloody good job as a parent when I think about my boy enjoying lots of scones and shopping. Poor child.

Damn beds, or more specifically mattresses. Seems you can't buy a mattress on its own, well, you can, but it is the same price as buying a base. Don't other people have proper beds?

And so my rock and roll existence continues...


Sue said...

yes you can
go to wellington beds, they are totally awesome, and when they deliver will take away your old matteres and drop it off at the sally army :)

also look what i had to enter to post "nstzlut"

Mrs Smith said...

Scones with jam and cream! How lovely. Mmmm. I never knew that malls provided such nice things. Thought it was all deep-fried offal and grease pies.