Friday, July 06, 2007

Have coat, need glamorous nightlife

My Dr McDreamy is my new pink coat. It is the coat that you try to find for ages, and then you give up and buy another one, and then you find it, and because it is perfect you decide that 2 coats is okay, because it is very damn cold.

I can't take a photo right now, because I'm in a comfortable place, and don't feel like moving, and also I am wearing a denim skirt that combined with fabulous coat makes me look like Exclusive Brethren, a not hot look if ever there was one.

And since, once again, we're all stream of consciousness around here today. Does Chloe Sevigny look at all hot in Big Love? She IS hot, and nekkid she is super hot (and for those people that haven't indulged in Big Love, you're missing some good nudity), but the frilly shirts and long skirts do a bloody good job of masking hotness.

And on unrelated business (and because I'm starting lots of sentences with 'and' AGAIN), I am not coping with couriers this week. My willing them to come just isn't working, and I'm beginning to suspect they're not psychic at all.

Adieu to yer and yer and yer.

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Christina said...

You have touched on the part of watching Big Love that is so grueling for me. It's obvious that they're trying painstakingly to obliterate any remnants of hotness, which in Chloe's case is extremely difficult to do. Even more difficult is assigning the role of 'hot one' to Ginnifer and having to seemingly run Chloe over with a truck to make her look relatively frumpy.

Just look at the premiere photos. The hotness revolts! (and wins ;)