Monday, July 04, 2005


Wanda Harland is Alan Hard Wand. Wanna share something halfpie?

And an anagram of Alan is. Well. This site isn't quite that pornographic yet. Although lets see how many hits I get now I've got the word pornographic in a post.

And my name is Armchair Tag. Now that is my kind of game. Or Cigar Hat Arm - which coincidentally an affliction I am afflicted with.

And my husband is A crib lent for sling. Sounds wicked.

Thanks Wordsmith.


Alan said...

Spooky that Wordsmith knows me so well.

A Gala Clan Mould

A Llama Coal Dung

A Manual Call God

(Got bored a third of the way through.)

Brena said...

That neato stuff you're on, do you sell it? Put it in the coffee I say...

Jessie said...

An anagram of 'the Backyard' is 'Backyard the'. Great stuff ;)

llew said...

Hey,,, I knw an Alan Hard!

Martha said...

Hard Anal?