Sunday, July 10, 2005

My beautiful big 3 year old boy

My beautiful big 3 year old boy

My clever boy has turned 3 today. We had a lovely party with plenty of food and loads of coffees.

Finn scored big time in the presents department. Thanks all for making it a good one.

I found that party food is the best cure for a hangover. Although I'll never be hungover again. Never ever.


Pink Flamingo said...

A HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY goes out to him!!! Aww what a cutie! - Loving his hat.
Hope he got spoilt rotten! ;-)

Mike said...

Happy birthday wee fella - awesome

Mr Reasonable said...

That is a spectacular cake. We just about died making a butterfly for Little Ms Rs number 2 (birthday that is). Your 3D train is beautiful, what a cool mum indeed.

Martha said...

Thanks all. I loved making the cake. I'm already looking forward to Malo's birthday in 2 months (once I get over the fact my baby is almost one - breathe, breathe).