Friday, July 15, 2005

Bloody template bloody bloody

I seem to have a new look. I was sick of my blog being all out of whack in IE (yes, I know I shouldn't care). Especially when I found this obscure thingy from my statcounter. It was in German, and a kindly comment, but I thought "surely this can be improved - I know - a new look!". Then I found that it doesn't remember your links. Dramarama. And it still looks like pus. If I was more patient I would've waited for the too big picture to just drop off the bottom. Or taken about 2 minutes to re-size the thing.

Oh well, the dots are gone. They were kind of frivolous anyway. I'm gonna have to add a picture or something to this page though, cos it is BORING. I even feel more boring.

I've written a really boring post on my new boring page.


Pink Flamingo said...

I love your new look! Easy on the eyes too! ;-)

Spider said...

This is by fare,a better looking setup for your blog Martha...Cool....
I had to rebuild that fence the last time that Tiger ate a child...if you look close you can also see were the Tigar was sewn up after they pulled that luckly kid out.

Martha said...

Thanks Paul. It has grown on me now, and I'm pretty happy with it!

I noticed excellent handy work on the fence, and had a great deal of confidence that the tiger wouldn't get to Finn.