Wednesday, July 27, 2005

On vomiting some months ago, and the repercussions

Some time ago my small family and I were all hit with the vomity bug. It manisfested worst in the poor children who maintained the vomiting for over a week. Glen and I had one sorry night of it - unfortunately the same night. Glen was in our bed and I was in the lounge (knowing full well that being near someone vomity would make it all much much worse).

Well, I thought we had pretty much left that charming memory behind us. Until last night.

Last night I ended my frugal strive to buy no more takeaways, and we caved and went and got K Sing. K Sing is DELICIOUS. It is cheap as chips, and much more healthy. We can all be well fed for $10, and our usual order is a vege beef satay thing, rice and a couple of roties (or as we know it "number 18").

The thing I had not anticipated was the memories that my favourite takeaways would conjure up. That's right. We had K Sing the vomity night.

How can I forget? I had to go and lie on the couch after I ate last night to try and recover from the shadow of the last time.

I should add that there is no suggestion that it was K Sing that made us ill. I would never go back there if I thought that was the case, and I urge anyone in the vicinity to try their fine fare. They have dine in too.


David said...

Is "vomity bug" another word for "far too much alcohol"?

Martha said...

If it were, there would be a lot of food I can't eat. And it would be somewhat irresponsible for my baby and toddler to have it too.

So in this one instance, no. Not alcohol related.

Although I will never again touch rum. Oh no. No.

hers said...

Rum. Rum and I have a history of rapidly not getting along.

I don't like rum and it certainly doesn't like me.

Alan said...

Hey, fantastic vomit story. Much better than my recent one.

To try and top that, I can only relate, third hand, the story of a relative who over 20 years ago thought that charcoal tablets were a fantastic way to absorb alcohol sufficiently to enable her to drink a large rugby player type person under the table.

She was wrong, and to this day we give her stick about the day the black helicopters came for her...

Martha said...

Are you kidding Alan? I failed the first rule of vomity stories, and omitted to mention carrots. Your story was far more graphic.

Martha said...

And Alan, upon first reading your comment I got quite a different impression of what went on under the table with the rugby player.

Em said...

Yes, one can never revisit such vomity escapade food. In fact it is my theory that once you have a memory of how something tastes on the way UP, you can never again make it go down. Such is the case with me and Pizza Hut Meatlovers pizza!

There's a long story here involving childbirth, saline drips, tummy bugs and more, but I'll save it for another day.